Development and Formation

March 08, 2013 Lower School Middle School High School

Message from the Dean of Students

Dear Everest Families,

As we approach the end of the third quarter, I am noticing just how far our students have gone in terms of their character development and formation. We have students who have started the year as very timid or reserved. Now, you’ll see these youngsters playing happily and comfortably with their own little groups. There were those who barely participated in class during the first part of the year. You see these same students now, more confident as they try to contribute to their class. Seeing our students who, in the beginning, were a little lost when it came to certain skills (such as conflict resolution, effective communication and listening, or working with others) are now showing how they are applying what they have learned is the kind of progress that brings me the most joy. All this would not be possible without the joint efforts and love from the teachers and parents. With this valuable partnership, we have seen our students thrive-- even through difficult or challenging situations.

Every year usually comes with its own set of difficulties and challenges for the school. I would always remind myself to see these challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve in how we handle matters having to do with our students’ formation. Working together with such a dedicated team of teachers and parents has made all the difference! We strongly encourage you, our dear Everest Parents, to continue to openly communicate your concerns, ideas and hopes for your children.  

A day in the life of a member of the Everest Formation Team is never dull or the same. I relish each chance I get to work closely with our students, parents, teachers and staff. As we also come to the end of our Gratitude Virtue Campaign for this quarter, please allow me to express my appreciation to all of you for trusting us and helping us throughout the year!

God bless,
Mrs. Garrovillo
Dean of Students